Ayam Penyet (fried chicken)
Marinated grilled beef
Kang kung with belcan

Supposed to have a Burger date with the Boy yesterday but the restaurant was renovating so we settled for Indo cuisine instead. This used to be my favourite Indo because the chilli is damn shiokk!! Super spicy! (fyi: I'm a huge chilli and spice lover) But somehow the standard has dropped and their chilli isn't that spicy which lost the point of me visiting the place >:( But at least their drink (ice cherry soda with milk) is still as yumz as before so it's still pretty pleasant! 

If you guys did follow me on snapchat (@yilinxz), everyday is like a food hunt for me cuz I'm a foodie and I'm fat like that haha!

Met with Maecan and accompanied her for llaollao. Didn't get myself one because I was too full and I think I had like 5/6 cups last week?!?!?! I'm not even kidding...... But oops I did had 1/4 of my Boy's sanum haha! Then we shopped around town before meeting the other two friends and had lots of fatty food for supper haha and just us doing our usual routine;)

Time passes very very fast when you're with the right group of friends and somehow it's time to go home! So yep, that's about all for yesterday and most of my days! Just 10% shopping and 90% food haha! Time to go now, might be heading out for another cup of llaollao since I'm done with dinner!

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