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Went Bucktile st. Cafe to visit Weimin on her last day of work with Happy five. We went with our tummy full so we decided to order just 2 desserts to share among us. Above's the dear girl that served us hehe ^_< In case you're wondering what we ordered, we actually ordered a cake (name below) and we took the first slice muahaha the cake just arrived at the shop not long before us we went.

In addition, we bought After Eight's mint ice cream sandwich. Both taste good to us but I'd prefer the ice cream sandwich! But I like the strawberry part of the cake as it reminds me of Pocky's strawberry flavoured stick. A slice of cake would be too much (or rather sick) for one in my opinion. So if you're heading to Bucktile, perhaps you can buy a few slices to share with your friends! More variety in that way too!

Here's some candid taken by the sweetheart while catching up with Weimin. Hasn't seen her throughout the holiday (I went during the hols)

We stayed in the cafe for about an hour or so to play cards. Yes, they offer cards for entertainment purposes which I find it pretty cool and thoughtful! We were pretty noisy that time as we're kinda too "into" the game haha! Couldn't remember which 2 we played tho ><

Just us exploring~

I wished I wrote my bucket list too. No idea why I didn't that day hmm.

In general the cafe is pretty chill! Like the ambience there! Didn't try there Mains but I guess that Bucktile is more of a dessert cafe! Their cakes looks more tempting tho yumz! The only down point is that it is slightly wulu... quite a distance walk from MRT. And even if you take bus, you'll still have to walk! We kinda get lost because it's so deep inside and the sky just keep getting darker! Thoughtful Weimin even called to guide us haha!

Looking forward to be back for more cakes! I'd love to try other flavours like ondeh ondeh with something (I don't rmb haha) but it wasn't on the menu that day. Alright till next time!

*I think I went about a month ago haha it's quite some time back because as you can see, my hair is still green at that time

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