Visited Dad's corner on a Friday with the Boy. We had a hard time finding the place because we were not used to Woodland's area. Finally found it and we were really looking forward for the food since everyone has been saying it's nice yet cheap. Continue reading to read my opinions about this stall.

Beef chilli cheese fries 

Mac and Cheese

Ongbak pasta

Food came about 20minutes later and we got so disappointed. Why? Because how does that look like Mac and Cheese may I ask? The description still say something about cheesy cheese. Erm excuse me? that's just white sauce isn't it? That's not just it. The overall experience isn't good either. Food was served cold and my ongbak pasta that's highly recommended sound really yummy right? It's just diluted tomyam soup with pasta. I don't even know if it's soup base or dry? It's so watery and bland? And the pasta didn't absorb the sauce either..... Fries are just normal fries with canned/frozen beef that taste like some pet food.

We got so sick and really disappointed because we went with a really hungry tummy and hoping to fill them up with yummy food :( Pity my tummy man. And it isn't cheap to be exact actually. These 3 dishes cost about $20 and it taste horrible. Considering that it's a hawker centre and the food taste this bad, the price isn't worth it AT ALL! I'd rather pay few bucks more for a quality pasta la to be honest.... or I'd rather get $2 Nasi lemak, so much better pls!

The worst is the both of us woke up with a really bad tummy ache and had diarrhoea in the morning... My overall experience? probably 3/10. The food isn't up to the standard so I really don't know why and how is it possible to have positive review. But the service is good cuz they're pretty friendly! But they're not organised. My food was there for a whole good 5 minutes or so till they serve me and they're not busy or anything pls? They're just walking around their counter! Is Dad's corner always like this or am I just unlucky? ugh. Will I be back? Never.

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