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Visited FIX cafe some time back with Loverboy. I was so excited to go FIX because I've seen so many photos about their Triple cheese penne gratin and IT'S SO TEMPTING! 

As you can see (photos above), My 3 Cheesy Penne Gratin and Iced Mocha are eaten and drank before. To know why, you can read the story below (pfft);

Both of us ordered Three Cheese Penne Gratin initially because the name itself sound so nomz. We patiently waited about 15 minutes for our food BUT only a plate came. We approached the staff and I think the staff that attended us somehow realized the problem which he then ask his colleague about the missing plate. The kitchen crew came out and give us the doubt looking face and I got pretty pissed! I mean why would I lie to you about the missing plate? She then asked the staff to check our receipt. FINE you can take it but how can you compensate me for the time I spent waiting? Zzz I'm so hungry fyi 

I decided to change our missing plate to their Naanwich so that we get to try different dish. Honestly while we're waiting, I got pretty tempted to try their Naanwich but we couldn't change since we've already ordered. Then come along this incident, which allows me to change my dish muahaha, I guess it's fated uh?

Despite waiting for this long, I'm pretty pleased with how this dish taste like. It's super cheesy which i love! However, as you can see, the cheese is pretty burnt:( The sauce are pretty dried up too. Wished they can take note of their baking time tho.

Next up, their Naanwich! I love how they managed to make the eggs this runny and the way they present the food is something new to me!

However.. I feel that their beef aren't that good. They actually used canned beef or processed ones and 3/4 of the beef that I've got are fats ew. Look at the pic below, I've zoomed it for a clearer pic.

Topped up $3 on top of our meal for a cup of Iced Mocha. There's a few selection of drinks that you can choose too. Their Iced Mocha is pretty decent. But I feel that the coffee is too strong and it'd be better if there's balance between chocolate and coffee. I mean that's what makes it "Mocha" right?

The ambience here are pretty chill and it gives me the urge to go down for a dip haha! Hm overall i'd rate this a 6/10. The food here are pretty good in general but I feel that their mains are quite limited. Also, it'd be better for them to take note of little details like the baking time and the quality of meat. Even if they were to use canned beef, they shouldn't just serve without checking because all I got was fats ew. On the brighter side, their naanwich are something new and it's worth trying it!

Will I be back? Hm maybe if they improve their services and also the quality of food! If they do, I'd be more than willing to go back for another naanwich!

Ending thistrip with my super sian faces because I'm dying while waiting for my fooooood

On the same day, we decided to give Beegurt a shot!

Me and the boy decided to share a cup because I've seen quite a few bad reviews about me but I still feel like trying it for myself! Was choosing between their Beegurt special or their medium/large. Ended up choosing Beegurt's special because there's honeycomb. The staff was nice to give me more froyo *-*

To my surprise, Beegurt actually taste pretty good! It's indeed more of a sourish taste but I don't mind at all! And I must say their honeycomb taste so much better than Honeycomb's honeycomb. It's definitely worth the try and it's not anything like what those review says. I guess some people just couldn't take the sour-ness?? But then again, ain't yogurt supposed to be slightly sourish? Hm maybe they're more used to the usual, sweeter ones.

Alright stay tune to my next cafe experience!

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