Visited Habitat cafe last friday (8th May) with JLMWY. We were supposed to visit Lola but they limit the seatings to 4 and there's 5 of us. Their menu is also kinda limited! But maybe I should visit it someday too!

Ham & cheese

Have to emphasize how good their cheese were! zomg drools. However, their menu kinda mislead me. What I ordered was under Sandwich/Main (I can't rmb which) & Sides. Thought that baby spinach was the sides that comes along with the Sandwich but it was actually added into the sandwich. That's fine too but it kinda got me finding for my baby spinach for that moment.

Open faced smoked salmon

Salmon truffle omelette

Wanted to order something with salmon but their choice of salmon are smoked. I'm not a fan of smoked salmon because they always taste too salty for my likings:( This is fine though! Anyway did I mention that I'm not a fan of truffle oil too? Oops

Summer berries hotcakes

I love their hotcakes but it'd be too much to have it all by yourself! Perhaps a plate to share with your friends as dessert? Never get it as your main because my friend got so sick of it. Also, it'd be better if they could serve butter and maple syrup separately.

Chicken & Egg

Didn't get to try this dish but I guess you can never go wrong with chicken! Their egg, however, was rather disappointing! It's way too cooked.

Churros with chocolate dip

Their churros are fine but it's overly coated with sugar! Feels like I'm battling with sugar and it's hard to actually taste the churros! I have to brush some sugar off each time I take a bite. Their chocolate sauce was good though! Not too liquid nor too thick.

Tiramisu with liquor

Tiramisu contains Bailey and I used to drink it so much that I got so sick of it now so I've no comments for this.

It's a rather pleasant visit here! Staff are friendly and we're being welcomed with smiles which makes me feel les awkward. If there's anything that they should improve in, it should be their efficiency. It takes them quite awhile to prepare our food (not too crowded some more) and each dish come at about 10-15minutes interval. this is why we couldn't wait for all dishes to be served before snapping pics.

But still, can't wait to be back for their Matcha cream and more hotcakes yumz!

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