Was invited to Happy Mookata for food tasting (at Sunset Lane) last Wednesday and I shall let the pictures do the talking first! 

Coincidentally sitting at table 7 *-* fyi I LOVE 7!!

Vegetables (I don't know their names but I love vegs)

Black pepper beef and chicken, garlic chicken

 Pork liver and prawns

Egg tofu and squid

Crab meat and luncheon meat

Popcorn chicken and thai style prawn

I've tried my best to take a nice shot but whenever the food is cooked, I tend to eat it straight away haha so pardon me ok? Quotes to live by: food>everything (yilin's logic)

We tried almost everything (at least 3/4) off the menu hehe #fatlifechoseus They have a variety of food ranging from meat to vegetable to seafood and to fried food!

So, what's my opinions about Happy Mookata?

I love how their marinated meat are so flavourful yet not salty! Their marinated sauce are black pepper and garlic and both tasted good! However, if you're not fond of garlic then maybe you should try a plate first before deciding as the garlic taste might be too strong for you! It's fine for me but I guess it all boils down to preferences! Everything you get is fresh and there's no fishy smell. I'm very particular about freshness so I'm glad that their food are so fresh! Do note that I'm not a fan of pork (except pork intestines, pork liver) so I didn't order any pork but do try it out if you're a fan of it!

Their soup are pretty decent too! I tried a spoon casually and I fell right into it! I think I drank quite a few bowl haha ><

Moving on to fried food. The items are nice but it takes awhile for them to serve. But hey at least this proves that they only cook it when there's demand! Good thing comes to those who wait right? So do order it first before anything else! Did I mention that I love their popcorn chicken because it's so crispy *_*

Anyway if you ordered your fried food and they're not here yet, I've a solution for you! You can take a break from eating and start snapping! That's what we did too haha!

Pardon me for being suaku but I've never seen a 100 plus like this? It's so thin and tall!?!?

We got really full but there's always room for desserts right?? Their buffet comes along with free flow ice cream! Look at how happy this Boy is with his ice cream!

I had chocolate mint and tiramisu
We tried quite a few flavours and they all taste good! I love chocolate mint and lime sorbet the most! Their chocolate is very rich too yumz. Mum mentioned to me that she love mango more haha! Every flavour is good la actually! 

I'd rate Happy Mookata a 9/10! I'm very satisfied with the service and food in general! However I minus 1 off because..

Firstly, it's pretty warm over there! As you can see, I went there with my hair down but bun them up about 15minutes after because it was too warm. And don't say I didn't warn you, it gets worst after the fire is on! It does get better in the night as it's more windy! There's fans too but we didn't sit under the fan and maybe that' the reason!

Secondly, there's only one choice of beef:( I love love love beef but they only offer beef marinated in pepper sauce. I preferred garlic sauce more but beef doesn't come in garlic sauce -insert sad emoticon- But overall I did enjoy myself because hey! Chicken is nice too! nomz

The three of us left with nothing but a satisfied tummy! They're currently having a promotion; for $25.90 nett, you get to have a yummy dinner buffet with free flow ice cream! So worth the deal right? Do head over and try!

They're located at:
Sunset Lane
Blk 106 Clementi Street 12
Singapore 120106

You'll need to take either 52, 184 or 154 from Clementi station. Alternatively, you can take 74 from Dover station too! You can press the bell once you saw Sunset way's logo. Alright signing off with my satisfied and chubz face after Mookata!

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