Boy turns Big 2 last Sunday and one of the surprises we had for him is held at Selfiebox! Collaborated with Selfiebox for this event and they were nice enough to offer us a 30% off total bill (yes, after all the existing discounts *omg screams*)! Anyways, I was in charged of bringing him to the venue and I'm so happy that it's located pretty close to the MRT which is so convenient (less than 5 mins walk)!

I had a hard time choosing the photos because they're all so funny and weird (our quirky faces) +about 85% of them were my candids >_< If you're still not sure what Selfiebox is by now, let me explain it to you! It is actually a professional photography studio with customised theme and props! Each room has 3 different wallpapers and you can change it as and when you like! Also, did I mention that they provide a variety of props? Look!

Here's how the room looks like!

Oh yes, by the way, I was so shocked when I first reach selfiebox because it's #07-07!!! My favourite 7 and I kept harping onto it till I got distracted by the shoots haha

This is my second time visiting such studio! The first time was during my birthday, which you can read about it hereI must say that selfiebox offers a more affordable price compared to the previous one we visited and has more varieties of props and their plus point would definitely be onesie + three different wallpapers!!! However, if I were to compare btw these 2, I feel that the one I visited previously has better lighting even though we're only allowed to choose one solid coloured background. Also, it's more spacious and ventilated! I feel that Selfiebox is a bit stuffy (which the five us of had difficulties while in our onesie) despite their aircon! 

Well, you can never have the both of best world right? And maybe because the background isn't a solid color, the lighting isn't that strong when being compared! But no worries, all the photos taken still looks fine! You gotta lose some and gain some in life *chimology* Like what they always say; what you pay is what you get! Whatsmore the pricing is very reasonable to be very honest!

Ending the post with their super cute onesie! Can I bring one home with me? *pretty pls???* Oh speaking of that, I wanted to wear the Monster Inc character's onesie but it's nowhere to be found in the shop:( The elephants were the closest I can get to it.

Do check out Selfiebox for any ongoing promotions! And stay tune to part 2 of Boy's Big 2 celebrations!

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