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Visited Trapped on a midweek because when there's fun, there will always have The Happy Five clique! When Trapped first emailed me to try out their games, I was honestly thrilled and more than happy to accept! If you know me well, you'd know that I love seeking thrills but a bit scaredy at the same time la haha! But I'm fine with it since there's companion. *Rmb to stay till the end of the blog post as there's something exciting for readers out there!

Let me just tell you a little more about Trapped before I get started! Trapped is actually a escape room whereby it gives you the opportunity to put your mystery solving skills and IQ to test in 5D experience. Trapped brought online virtual escape games to reality but with a twist! All you have is 60 minutes to escape! Can you handle it?;)

Okay back to the point, we decided to go with what I wanted; Friday the 13th because it seems really exciting to me! Here's a brief description about it!

To be honest, I'm actually pretty scared to play even though I chose this game and I kept asking Sarah if it's gna be scary haha don't judge me! We took slightly more than 60 minutes to get out for a very stupid reason! We didn't see the padlock's line so we kept thinking that our code was wrong when it's actually right!! And for that we blame our friend who's in charge to unlock it haha!

Soooo, my view about this game?? In short, I love it!! (Side track: I was running a pretty high fever that day but I'm glad that I still went for it because I did not regret a single bit!) The game is really challenging and full of surprises. However, if you're as scaredy as me then maybe I'll suggest you to try out other available games first! But I was able to take it la after I know there won't be anyone running out to scare me! Oh yes I love the last mission whereby we have to follow this specific instruction (you'll have to think out of the box in order to get the hint) and do it alone to get the code for the padlock! Well I can't tell you much but it's really something unique! Do tell me how you think about it after you have tried! The five of us think that it's really a cool idea even though I screamed like mad on my way in. In what? Well, go play and find out yourself! *wink*

We were given a total of 3 line life but I think we called Sarah for about 5 times? Haha what?? It's not EASY OK! Actually we were very reluctant to call for the fourth and fifth times but then we couldn't solve it! The five of us took turns to call her simply because we were to ashamed of ourselves haha!  But to be very specific we only used up 4 phone lines ok? because the 5th is due to the padlock which we actually did got it right!!

And because of that, we ended our game at about 1030 when we're supposed to end at 10:15. Sarah was still really nice to let us continue and I actually feel bad >:( Yay to her friendly service xx

In case you're wondering where Trapped is, it currently has 2 outlets in Singapore and they're located at:

Scape, 2 Orchard Link #02-20/21/22 and
42 Kandahar Street, which is near Bugis

The five different themes are:

If have any more enquiries, do head over to for more information! Did I mention that they offer special prices to students? So what are you waiting for!? Head down to one of their outlet and try it for yourself! Also, feel free to share with me your experiences there!

Thanks Trapped and Sarah for inviting me over! Kudos to Sarah's warm welcome and most importantly, the five of us really had fun! I can't wait to be back for the Hero's theme already!

Updated (9 August 2015): The friendly Trapped team has decided to offer all my fellow readers a FREE ticket for every 4 playing players! All you have to do is to quote my name: "Veralyn" before booking the slots! Isn't that easy? So what are you waiting for! Do give Trapped a try and don't forget to share your experiences with me!

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Genuine room escape recreations are a kind of physical enterprise amusement in which individuals are secured a room (escape rooms designs) with different members and need to utilize components of the space to understand a progression of riddles, discover pieces of information, and departure the room inside a set time limit.