Everyone must be thinking that I'm enjoying myself now that Common test are over but NO. I'm currently recovering from all the horrible shit..

One week before CT, I caught a slight flu and sore throat which I supposed fever came along too. This carried on all the way, even when I was in the exam hall taking my test:( After my test I thought I can finally give my body a rest to recover BUT on Saturday, I woke up shivering non-stop and that's when I finally feel that I need to consult a doctor. My fever was freaking 38.2 at that point. What the hell? For the past week, I've been eating fever pills because I feel that there's fever coming and I should prevent it but why won't it subside??

That wasn't the point. I rested for the entire Saturday and head out on Sunday for my hair appointment. Thankfully everything went well but after I had my hairdo, things got worst. I puked out all of my dinner and I even have problem making my way home. Later on that night, I kept puking non-stop and I literally thought I was going to die.. I can't breathe properly ew that was the saddest thing I swear. Then I figure out that it could be stomach flu and thankfully I've got med with me. Come to think of it, I honestly don't know how to survive without that med that day.

The doctor told me to go back for a blood test if I didn't recover by Monday but I didn't. Not because I'm scared or anything but because I'm too weak to even move... I couldn't even talk and that's how bad it is. Each time I open my mouth 99% of my energy is gone and then I feel very giddy. I remember I tried to on my Laptop to do some work but ended up puking because it got me dizzy like mad and my fever will rise like some freak. I'm not even kidding

In case you're wondering why and how am I this sick. I'm down with sore throat, fever, cough, flu and stomach flu. Stomach flu is already damn bad on its own already and imagine with the other 4. omg I swear it's hell for me..

It's Tuesday now and I'm super super thankful that I'm recovering bit by bit. The giddiness is still here if I face my laptop for too long so I really seek understanding from each and everyone of you. I've tons of work to do and I've yet to update about my hair makeover which I honestly feel bad about but then again I guess it's only right for me to prioritise my health and let it fully recover because I honestly don't want to overwork it again anymore.

I honestly can't express how thankful I'm to my Mum for being there for me these few days. She's always by myself even when I'm napping because she's afraid that I'd need her help and I don't have the strength to call her. Not forgetting how she took care of all my meals and simple things like refilling my bottle because I can't even move at certain point. And ofcos not forgetting my dad and boyfie that's constantly calling/whatsapping to make sure that I'm fine which 99% of the time I'm not getting any better and Mum has to do the explaining for me haha.

Alright I'll be back for my hair post once I'm better!

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