Hi guys! Holiday has already started but this holiday doesn't feel like it because there's common test straight up. Meh. Hasn't posted anything since the start of June so I thought I should do a quick update! So far I've spent my holidays catching up with friends and of cos getting my well deserved rest (which seem insufficient, still).

As for today, I spent my entire afternoon trying to touch up on my tumblr, which involves lots of coding and I actually got stucked for about 7 hours? It kept failing me and it turns out to be just because of a phrase damn! But all's well now:) By the way, I've created another Instagram account @V.eralyn to document my hair, fashion and some random blabbers. It's kinda like a photo diary of mine so do check it out!

Alright, ending with photos of me/food/random stuffs from my gallery! I don't even rmb taking them haha but that should pretty much make it up for the days that I hasn't been blogging (if I ever rmb to snap them) And did I mention that Vlog 2 should be up soon? I'm about 70% done with editing so stay tune! ^-^

You know there's a huge time gap btw these 2 photos because of the difference in hair color haha!

Side note: Common test in about a weeks' time I should probably get my ass started

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