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Hello sunshines! As many of you have already know, I've chopped off my long length hair to about shoulder length! Not only that, my hair became way smoother and manageable! Wanna know why? Keep reading! ^_<

About a week or so ago, I head to The Comb for my appointment! I was first warmly greeted by the choices of beverages and I decided to go with Earl grey tea since I was sick that day. 

I knew clearly (even before heading there) that I wanted to chop off my hair thus I took a pic for memory sake haha!

Henry, the senior hair stylist first approach me to see what I wanna do my hair. I wanted a rlly short length which he disapproves of because he said that my face is too thin and sharp for it. Instead he recommend me to go slightly below shoulder length. I then go for a hair cut before deciding on the final length 

Look at the amount of hair I've chopped. Goodbye bluish purple hair! Will miss you

Here's the final length! I've decided to head Henry's advice in the end haha. Initially I kept asking him to go shorter but he refused because he say if it goes any shorter it'll be hard to manage and he thinks the length suits me better. Also, I can always curl my hair which will somehow make them shorter. True that! 

He knows that I hate layer so he just round the ends so that they complement each other 

Henry mentioned that it's either I go for a darker color or just freshen up my roots because they don't have blue dyes in the salon. I feel that my colour is still pretty vibrant and I didn't want go back to dark hair any sooner so I decided to just do treatment and pamper my idk-bleach-how-many-times hair.

It's like a sudden decision for me to head back to bangs. I casually asked Henry if bangs would be more suitable for me and wala~ I'm glad I'm back to bangs because it kinda makes my fringe my volume. It was pretty flat back then when I'm still having my long fringe!

Henry then patiently blow and curl my hair *-*

Me leaving the salon with a bright smile because I really loved it! 

Here's some of the photo I took after leaving the salon. I wasn't feeling very well at that point so pardon me

My hair is naturally straight so the curls kinda settle down after hours but I love it still!

In case you don't already know, my hair color changes according to lighting thus it looks more of green and blue here but earlier on it's a lot more color. And my hair is currently filled with blue, green (more prominent ones), purple, brown and blonde. It's a lot more purplish inside since they're less exposed to sun!

Here's what I did to my hair when I visited The Comb:
1. Hair wash and blow drying
2. Hair cut by senior hair stylist
3. 3 steps treatment (using Korea's product)
4. Hair styling by senior stylist

If you're thinking of having a hair makeover, do give The Comb a shot! You may look for my stylist, Henry Yu! He's very professional and very patient in answering all my doubts! Also, The Comb is conveniently located in the financial district so you can pamper your hair even during lunch break;)

It's been more than a week now and my hair is still really smooth! Love how manageable it is! Would really like to thank The Comb for offering this awesome opportunity!

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