In a mess

This whole month that I'm missing from blogging has been nothing but a mess. They aren't entirely bad but they're not as pleasant either. Things looks fine but how true it is deep down? I feel lost. I feel that I've lost myself, that I'm in a mess. I feel drifted from everything. Things seems so near yet so distanced away from me. I don't exactly know how to put those feelings into words. Everything just seems wrong and I'm exhausted. Exhausted from putting up a strong font and acting like everything's in control but truth is, I've no idea how everything's gonna be. I feel like I'm running of time in everything. I wish I can find myself and have this sorted.

P/s: I know I said I'll be back soon but my phone's currently down and all the pictures are inside. I'm currently using my Mum's note which is big and not convenient as hell. Can't wait to have my phone back

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