2015 vs 2017

Hello there! Not sure if anyone still reads this tiny space of mine but I'm finally back! So before I start blogging all over again, I thought it'd be good to share something more personal with y'guys first! I'll be sharing the THREE MAJOR CHANGES in my life from 2015 till date (basically the times when I'm gone from this space) Well, if you follow me close enough on my other social media platforms, you might find these points familiar but if you don't~ here goes:


This should be pretty obvious to many of you already! Yes, I became a dog mum. I got myself a pup on the 23rd August 2015 and he's been with me since then.

A more detailed post about that qt next time shall I? Yay/nay?? In the meantime, you can follow him on Instagram here


So before I'm gone from this space, my hair was long and in bright purplish pink. It faded to multiple colours where I got this nickname: Paddlepop for awhile before it turns green.

Got my friend to chop off my hair to shoulder length and dyed them blue on X'mas eve before going to dark green shortly after. P/s: my roots grew so fast that it looked like dip dye. I stayed on with this dip dye hair (switching from blue and green) till July 2016 before I decided to snip them off and dyed it black!

This black stayed on with me for a good 7 months before I was approached by a hair stylist which persuaded me to go short (my wish list but never dare to try tho) and blonde. He did silverish blonde on me after two rounds of bleaching. As usual, the colour changes after each wash and it's like surprise to yourself each time haha. About a month later, I took on the challenge of going pink before he left Singapore to Taiwan.

A month flew past again and I fixed the pink on my own now that he's gone (twice in fact, cuz this post was in draft for a little while). To be honest, I never thought that I'll like such girly color but I guess I'm gna stay with this pink head for awhile because I'm loving it! The only concern now is that my roots are all coming out and I haz no idea which salon to turn to. Any salon to recommend? Would be good if they're known for fanciful colours!

*Should I do a separate post (with pictures) of my hair colours throughout the years?


I must say 2016 really changed my perspective of "happiness" towards life. It was kinda an eventful year for me, especially towards the end where something unpredictable happened which affects my finance badly. While I'm not going to elaborate much on what happened at this moment, it made me realized that life is always gonna challenge you in one way or another and it's really all about how you handle situations like this.

Words I live by and tell myself on a daily basis: "Try not to take things personally. What people say about you is a reflection of them, not you. There's no joy in pulling people down just to make yourself feel better for the fact that truth will always prevail. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is. All you need is clear conscience" I chose to keep mum about it not because I'm afraid but because I believe in karma. But should the need arises, I'll definitely retaliate in full details. As for the time being, I hope that people like you can really sleep in peace with your conscience along with that amount that defines your worth. Also, you can go ahead with all your "real" statement if it makes you feel a little better about yourself but deep down, we both know what really did happened:")

Through this, I've met a few kind soul, seen people's true colours, realized who can I really trust at times of need, witnessed how disgusting one can be etc etc but above all, I chose to stay positive and be thankful even at the smallest thing. You might feel horrible right now but trust me, things will get better as time goes by.

Just like how I stopped blogging back in 2015 because I wasn't feeling contented with life and felt like it was the worst phrase of my life. Basically I was facing some relationship issues and having a hard time juggling with work, school and relationships (in general). I'm not going to deny that it was hard but my point is that, tough days don't last. It's all about how you chose to react because you are in control of your own life. No one can ever change how you feel without your consent. You might think that I'm bullshitting but it's true! Been that, done that.

That sums up my absence all these while and now, I'm finally back! Sorry if this post gets a little too wordy but here's to better and more content, x.

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