Visited Bakerzin (Tai Seng's outlet) for their new menu food tasting and I'll be reviewing all 13 dishes that I tried. Ok let's get started!

Here's the menu of the day


Chef's Signature Crab Cakes: This is something unique which everyone should try! Love how they paired it with the salsa sauce which makes it appetising. 

Creamy Chicken Pie: I didn't expect much from this because it looked like a normal chicken pie that you can get anywhere but no I was wrong! The sauce was so rich and creamy! It's similar to carbonara's sauce which I'm a huge fan of! One of my favourite dish.

Tomato Basil Bruschetta: This reminds me of garlic bread just that it's crispier. I didn't exactly liked this because it taste a little bitter. Maybe it was a little over toast?


Bakerzin now offers DIY pasta where you can choose the type of pasta, sauce and toppings as you like. We tried three pasta:

Aglio Olio Pasta with Ham, Bacon & Mushroom: My favourite out of the three DIY pasta. Since Aglio Olio is a rather simple dish, it makes it hard to stand out but I must say Bakerzin has done a really great job! Love how the chili really brings out the spice. Did I mention that their mushroom was my personal favourite? I couldn't stop eating it.. oops guilty as charge! 

Laksa Cream Pasta with Coffee Pulled Pork: I've tried Tom Yam Pasta but never Laksa so this is really special. The taste of the laksa is pretty rich too. Their pulled pork was well marinated with coffee which excites my tastebud. Worth the try! However I feel that these two aren't the best combination. They taste fine eating separately but when mixed? I didn't like how it taste. Just imagine mixing two spices of opposite end into one dish. Confusing 

Arabiata Pasta with Coffee Pulled Pork: Classic tomato herb base. Would say that the coffee pulled pork goes better with this sauce even though it tasted just like the usual bolognese, nothing fancy.

Chiczella: Fried Chicken topped with mozzarella cheese along with pineapples and ham. Reminds me of Hawaiian Pizza. And hey! You can never go wrong with cheese, don't you?

Coffee Pulled Pork Burger: I think I'd prefer eating coffee pulled pork in burger form rather than pasta. A pity that this burger doesn't comes with cheese! Felt that it'll do better with it. Anyways, what more can I say about the sides? Fries can never go wrong!

Mum's Chicken Curry: This is definitely a dish for spicy lovers like me! You can literally pair it with rice, naan or bread. My personal favourite would be dipping bread in it!


Warm Chocolate Cake: Chocolate cake + Vanilla ice cream = best combi ever. The chocolate was sooooo rich that I couldn't stop eating yums. However,  I was a little disappointed because the chocolate lava did not ooze out:( It was probably overheated.

Chendol Cake: Something new but not exactly my type of cake as I'm not exactly a fan of sponge cake. This might appeal more to adults, especially those that loves Chendol!

Vanilla Ice Cream: Nothing beats ending a meal with ice creamssss. Vanilla was rich and creamy in texture! 


Ending the post with JJVVDELG 

Thanks Bakerzin for having me!
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