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Pardon the quality cuz the exposure was too high (I've tried my very best to fix it already) and I didn't check the pic after taking:( Lesson learnt.

Managed to squeeze out some time to visit Feet Haven (Bukit Timah's) last friday before my food tasting. It was actually my first time visiting a massage parlour in Singapore. I'd usually head for a body massage when I travel. However, situation is a little different this time. This was a much needed massage as I've been overworking my body a little lately:( I've been sleeping at 5-6am ever since I left my full time job to clear the amount of work I have on hands (video editing, drafts, blog posts, attending events, paper work etc) and also, to catch up with life (dramas, party etc).

Keep reading to see how I feel about Feet Haven!

Explored the place a little while I was waiting for my turn.

I opted for the 60 minutes full body massage because I needed some good massage to break dem knots. My body is literally stiff like block, not even kidding. 

My thoughts:

Skills: I'd say my masseuse, Maria is really experienced. We chatted a little throughout and that's how I found out that she actually have 10 years of experience in this industry. Besides, she knows all your points very well and she will try and remove your "knots" within that 60 minutes! She was telling me that my neck/shoulder and lower back areas are very stiff which is very accurate because I've been hunching my back while using my laptop to do work (bad habit, I know). Because of that, I did experienced more pain/sourish feels particularly at my shoulder areas. The rest of my parts are fine though, I enjoyed it a lot (hands, feet and tummy). She'd also constantly check if the strength is okay and she will alter her strengths accordingly. 

Service: Service is good! They're really friendly and polite! However, I realised that they are a little short handed? Maria had to pick up calls half way through my massage. It didn't bothered me much tho! However, Maria actually asked if it's okay if an uncle helps me with the massage because this guy customer wanted a female but there's only 1 female masseuse that day. Not sure how you guys think about this but it's def a no-no for me! I'll be cool if it's a foot massage but full body? No. She mentioned that the uncle will just press my pressure points and no application of oil from him. I personally felt that this loses the purpose of body massage (relaxation) because I won't be at ease. I stood firmly to my decision and thankfully, the customer was okay with the uncle helping him instead. phewwww

Oh yes! Pro Tip: Do remember to make an appointment rather than walking in because they might be packed. Also, even after securing a slot, give them a call on that day itself to double confirm! I actually had an appointment with them on Monday, took a cabbed over only to realised that it wasn't open:( I was pretty pissed to be honest because I was really in need of a good massage. Also, when I made the appt, the staff clearly told me they're open on Monday! Even Google says they are..

HOWEVER, the staff was kind enough to give me a call the next day to inform me that she was unable to open the shop as she wasn't feeling well so it's understandable. Anyways, my point is, do give them a call on the day of your appt to prevent such disappointments!

Place: Relaxing music was played, essential oil scent diffuses from the diffuser which relaxes the mind. It gives me this zen feels the moment I walked in, clearly the right ambiance.  Not mentioning about the decos outside too, I really love it! Especially the portraits and those stones. However, this place might be a little "wulu". I cabbed down twice and both drivers told me the same thing as well haha but well, it's always good to be away from the crowd once in awhile isn't it?

Overall: I love how skilled they are. I do notice that my shoulder feels less stiff and fatigue after the massage. Makes me understand how a good massage would definitely reduces tension and stress. Prices are kept reasonable as well. I already see myself coming back for another round of relaxation! 

Here's a price list for those that are interested:

5 Jalan Bingka
Contact: 6463 0506

Thanks Feet haven for having me!
Do check out their Facebook for any ongoing promotions.

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