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Unintentionally went on a food hunt with Mum after her appointment with One Face Medical Aesthetics Clinic (oh yes I'll review on that soon, too). We just walked into this random ramen stall (Sanji) at Tanjong Pagar and turns out to be the best decision ever!

Me and Mum ordered a set to share because her appetite is really small! The set we ordered consist of 1. Ramen 2. Side dish (I ordered Gyoza) 3. Rice

I ordered the Sanji Ramen which is their signature dish.

3 pcs of gyoza as sides

I really love their Sanji ramen! The soup broth is a little creamy/milky kind but I don't think it's gelat! I finished every bit of the soup so I think it's reliable when I say it's not gelat? Haha! It has this sweet yet salty taste to it which was perfect for my hungry tummy! Can I also say that the meat was super good? It was pretty tender unlike some ramen stall. Also, their portion is super huge I'm not even kidding man. I shared the set with my Mum and still leaves the stall with a full tummy. Thankfully I didn't add noodles (I almost wanted to because I thought it'd be too less for the 2 of us)

Just a heads up, I was never a huge fan of ramen because I feel that it's nothing special and I'd rather eat U-mian (don't bash me but really!!) BUT this is really good.

Their gyozas are unique imo. I must say it looks a little unappealing but omg there's juice in the gyoza which reminded me of Xiao Long Bao? I've never tried a gyoza like this before. However, their skin is a little hard tho. Not sure if it's just that day? My Mum didn't liked the gyoza cuz of the skin but I still think it's worth the try because of the oozing juice!

Oh yes, do remember to give their Takana Pickles a try! It's so so good! Well-marinated I'd say!

Total damage: $17.50

Overall: Loving their soup broth. Can't stop raving about it. I appreciate the fact that their noodles are not soggy because I hate soggy noodles ew. Noodles does not absorb your soup which is a plus point because I'm so in love with their broth. Staffs are really friendly. Price is super reasonable considering how generous they are with their portions. I'M DEFINITELY COMING BACK FOR MORE!

Oh yes, my friend told me that they are currently having a promotion till end of August at J Passport. Simply flash the post to them and you enjoy 50% off your ramen on certain timings. Thought that my set was already super worth it but there's even better deals?! My friend only paid $6.75 after the discount. She had ala carte Sanji Ramen. UGH WISHED I KNEW THIS EARLIER!! Never mind, I'll be back to utilise that promotion! 

Here's a quick link to the promotion: 
You're welcome <: 

Sanji Kagoshima Ramen
#01-14 Orchid Hotel
1 Tras link
S (878867)
Contact: 6604 8891

After a great meal, we went Starbucks for some frappe. I wanted their Acai Yogurt but was told that it's sold out everywhere ugh:( I love that so much! Starbucks should consider adding that in their menu forever! 

Travelled down to The Durian Story for the second time just for some quality durian. Check out my post about them here if you haven't already! Brought Momsie along because she's a huge fan of durians!! 

We decided to head to Junction 8 to walk around because it's been ages since we went there. Mum wanted to grab something so we walked into A-one Claypot House. We ordered a pot of Dried Scallop Porridge with Century Eggs and Meatballs ($10.90++)

Add on Youtiaos for $1.90++

Porridge was good! They're not stingy with their ingredients which makes the porridge really flavourful. There's like 3-4 or more meatballs in that pot of porridge which I'm amazed and their meatballs aren't like those that you can buy in supermarket. Think they made their own? Not so sure though. A pot of porridge is about 2 servings according to the staff. Not so sure cuz me and Momsie ate little by little but it's def enough for the both of us!

$1.90 add on for that amount of youtiao is pretty worth it BUT I wouldn't add them if I were to visit again because their youtiao aren't crispy. It's like nua nua kind? Feels like it hasn't been fried long enough?? Texture isn't good when I soak them in porridge, boo.

Total Damage: $18

Overall: Didn't exactly like their service because it takes quite awhile for them to come and take my order. Oh yeah!! PLEASE NOTE THAT they charge for their peanuts. Nice business idea because the waiter just serve the peanuts to us without even mentioning so we took it because we thought it's part of the service. We only knew it costed $2.50 when it's time for bill ugh. Super not worth because it's basically just canned braised peanuts. That aside, I love their porridge. Would come back for the porridge and also to try out other dishes in their menu (they have a wide variety!)

A-One Claypot House
Junction 8
9 Bishan Place
S (579837)

Alright, that's all for me and Momsie's impromptu food hunt. Hope you enjoyed! See you at my blog again soon and I wonder what's next?? xx

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