Han Pan

안녕하세요! Visited HanPan last Saturday and.. that was actually my second BBQ of the week haha that shows how much I love food right? #fatlifechoseme

Tried their Grill BBQ Meats and a variety of ala carte dish so let's talk about how I feel about them! 가자! (Ka ja, which means let's go!)
Left to Right:  King Egg Roll, Kimchi Pancake, Bean Paste Seafood Stew, Crunchy Boneless Chicken in Sweet and Spicy Sauce, Seafood Pancake

King Egg Roll: I love how the inner part of the egg roll is not fully cooked, leaving the omelette soft and watery. It would be even better if they added some cheese in the inner roll cuz cheese + egg = perfect combi! 

Kimchi VS Seafood Pancake: I personally preferred Kimchi Pancake more than the Seafood pancake because I love how the tangy taste of kimchi is infused into the pancake, making it super flavourful. By the way, the seafood in the seafood pancake are super fresh! Love the oyster especially!

Bean Paste Seafood Stew: How can you not try their soup when you visit a korean restaurant? Their broth was so good that it was gone within seconds.

Crunchy Boneless Chicken in Sweet and Spicy Sauce: My favourite dish out of the many we tried! It's a must try when you visit Han Pan, not kidding! It's so well-marinated and I'm amazed how the chicken stays crispy with that amount of sauce poured onto it. Me love!

Moving onto their BBQ menu:
On the grill: Pork Belly, Pork Collar and Pork Jowl
Butter Squid

To me, nothing ever goes wrong with KBBQ. I'm addicted to their pork belly, loving how juicy it is! Personal preference = eating it the korean way; wrapping meat with lettuce,  kimchi, garlic, sauce and you're good to go!

Butter Squid: Not a fan of squid but was really impressed by their butter squid!

Just take a look at our satisfied/ready to eat faces 

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Alright, ending this post with my favourite drink! Oh yes, did I mention that the Grapefruit Soju are ze best? Goes so well with the meat! You can either drink it pure or mix it with beer cuz it still taste good either way!

22 Lorong Telok

Thanks HanPan for having me!
Do check out their Facebook page for more info/promotions.

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