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For a heads up, Ladyboy Mookata's well-known for their Cheese dips! I've actually been there once sometime last year with my clique of friends and I really love it! This time, I'm back to give their Truffle Cheese Dip a try! If you don't already know, they're offering Truffle Cheese Dips now for a limited period of time! They're the first to offer Truffle Cheese Dips so shoutout to all the Truffle lovers! Think you have tried enough Truffle? Think again.

Tried the highlight of the day: Truffle Cheese Dips first cuz I'm super enthu! Besides, that's what I came for what right?!

I was quite skeptical about the truffle because let's be honest, truffles are so expensive and considering this is a buffet, how strong can it be? BUT I WAS WRONG. Oh boy I'm telling you the aroma of Truffle is so overwhelming, let alone the taste! One thing for sure: They're not stingy with the amount of Truffle they put in because it's so rich! Love the way it hits my tastebuds yums

However, I didn't exactly like the texture of the truffle dip because it's a little watery as you can see from the picture above ^ I was expecting it to be gooey like how Mozzarella is but on the bright side, that also means that they're generous with the truffle right? Maybe you guys can add more mozzarella into the truffle? OMG why didn't I thought of that back then?! Let me know if it helps with the texture if anyone of you ever tried doing so!

They offer six other types of Cheese: 

Aside from Truffle Cheese Dip we tried Ladyboy Cheese, Golden Salted Egg Cheese, Tom Yam Cheese and Mozzarella Cheese. My personal favourite got to be Mozzarella Cheese because the texture is just right for coating your meat! I'd also recommend everyone to try Golden Salted Egg Cheese because it taste a little different than your usual salted egg which makes it really unique! It's like a mixture between salty and sweet. Interesting taste!

Indecisive about the choice of cheese? Fear not because you can choose up to three at once since there's three sides!

They are definitely generous with their buffet menu. There's a wide selection for you to choose from. Pork belly, beef shabby, cheese tofu and many more. Basically you name it, they have it! They also offer a wide range of shellfish (crayfish, baby lobsters, scallops and fresh prawns). They even have a few unique ones like Cheesy Salmon Ball (N29), Sea Urchin Ball (N31) that I've never seen it elsewhere. 

You can DIY your own sauce but everyone should give their Ladyboy Chili a try! I love it so much that I took a second serving! Best combination: Pork belly dipped in mozzarella and ladyboy chili. Try this when you’re there and let me know what you think about it!
Opt for a Personal Yuan Yang Steamboat with $5 top up. There’s two broth in that personal pot; Tom Yam and Chicken Soup.

As you can see, there isn't much ingredients to the soup as we’re all busy attending to the Cheese Mookata. Their Tom Yam Soup broth is so rich and addictive that I can’t stop savouring it. It tastes even better than some Thai Restaurant that I might just go back for the soup, not kidding. 

Did I mention that they offer free flow homemade drinks and ice creams with no additional top ups? Wow! Can I also say their Milk Teas are really thick and fragrant? Love it.

With such an extensive variety of items, there’s no doubt that you’ll be leaving Ladyboy Mookata with a full and satisfied tummy, like us here!

Ending my post with my fav gooey mozzarella cheese!


Thanks Ladyboy Mookata for having me! 
Do check out their Facebook page here for more information/promotions.

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