Lululun Mask

Hello girlfriends! I actually posted this on my Instagram awhile ago but thought it'd be better if this is a blog post simply because I have SO MUCH to share. I've been using Lululn's hydrating mask for 7 days consecutively and I must say I'm loving it!

I love the fact that it:

Does not irritates my skin. Most important factor for me personally because my skin is super sensitive and it reacts to the slightest thing ever! I'm super glad how it does not cause a single breakout during my usage. To be frank, I don't even use one cleanser consecutively for 7 days so I was quite skeptical about it initially.

It does not clogs my pores.

Does what it says; hydrates my skin! I noticed that make up is smoother after using the mask. No doubt it hydrates my skin well!

Mask sits on face almost perfectly which makes it easy for me to do my work. Know how certain mask doesn't? Annoying!

This mask is seriously affordable for daily use. Thumbs up for that!

However, I do noticed that the mask dries up relatively fast so by 15 minutes, it's pretty dry already! On the brighter side, this serves as a timer for me to remove isn't it? Haha besides, 15 minutes is definitely enough considering that this is a daily mask.

Overall: I'd totally use this on a daily basis to maintain my moisture level. Suitable to use as a pre-makeup routine as well since it's light and leaves no sticky residue! Will probably add on a more moisturising mask/sleeping mask on days when I feel that my skin is too dehydrated.

Alright, signing off with my masking face! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I love sharing it with you guys! xx

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