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Facing pigmentation issues but not sure where and how to cure it? Maybe you can try One Face Medical Aesthetic clinic. Keep reading to find out more! 

For a heads up, Momsie has been facing pigmentation issues for the longest time, which affects her confidence. She has been wanting to cure this pigmentation issues but never knew who to turn to. Thankfully we chanced upon One Face so I decided to go ahead and book a consultation for her to see how they can help.

She had her first consultation with Dr David Ng on 20th June 2017 where he explained to us about Momsie's pigmentation issues and that's where we know the term of the pigmentation is called "Melasma". Melasma's on the complex side of pigmentation issues and can be caused my many issues but part of the cause could be that Momsie's a thyroid patient. 

Dr David Ng told us that not all pigmentation needed a laser treatment so he gave Momsie a set of skin care along with the de-pigmentation cream and was told to return after two weeks of usage. 

Jacky, their staff was really nice to write the instructions in Chinese for Momsie because she's more comfortable in Chinese. 

To be honest, we wasn't pinning too much hope on the skincare because Mom has tried various cosmetic brand's de-pigmentation but none works. She even tried laser treatments from other clinics but to no avail too.. However with One Face, we started seeing results after just 1 week of consecutive usage. 

On 12th July, we went back for her second consultation and you can tell that her pigmentation has lighten when compared to the first! You can click on it to enlarge it!

Left: 20/06/17 Right: 12/07/17

Dr Ng then prescribed some pills for Momsie to consume along with her current skincare and we was told to visit two weeks later. Dr Ng also did a pigmentation laser treatment on the day of consultation for Momsie and we could see immediate brightening effect!

Left: 17/07/17 Right: 01/08/17

Momsie went for her final follow up for this session on 15th August.

Left: 01/08/17 Right: 15/08/17

I'm sure y'guys can tell the difference too right? Her skin became brighter, more radiant in general and her melasma pigmentation has also greatly reduced by 50-60% within this short period of time! I feel like Momsie has better skin than me now oops

Would like to thank One Face for regaining my Momsie's confidence because it has really bothered her for quite some time now! They also offer other service so you might wish to check them out on ir Facebook page here

For anyone facing pigmentation issues and has any doubts, feel free to ask me any question! I'll be more than willing to share with you the whole treatment process. For all other enquiries, you may wish to contact visit them directly so that they can better assist you.  

Check out short clip I made for One Face here if you haven't already! 

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